Just For A Sec, Goodbye 2014 !

1 more day left in 2014

those who hurt me, i forgive you
those whom i hurt, i'm sorry
those who love me, thank you
those whom i love, bless you
those who stand by me, grateful for you
those who are thinking of me, please continue
those who are weary, have a rest
those who are exhausted, do relax

what is lost is lost,
so cherish that which is to come

2015 is just round the corner,
may the good come
may the bad be gone
may health stay
may sicknesses be gone

wishing all friends,
health, peace and joy!
long live our friendship....

insyaAllah :)
Just For A Sec, Goodbye 2014 ! Just For A Sec, Goodbye 2014 ! Reviewed by Tunsha Ayunie on December 31, 2014 Rating: 5

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